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Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence is a clearinghouse for information pertaining to domestic violence and sexual assault. They work to raise awareness among service providers, offer support for successful sexual assault intervention and research effective policy change to prevent sexual violence.

The Family Violence Prevention Fund in San Francisco has published an excillent tool kit for educators, families and communities called Working with Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and well being of girls and women. They create opportunities, develop programs, and provide services that empower them.

Break the Cycle is a program dedicated to "empowering youth to end domestic violence." They have designed programs for middle and high schoolers that teach adolesents prevention and copping skills surrounding issues of dommestic and sexual violence. Break the Cycle also provides a legal issues program designed to help those currently in a violent and/or unsafe enviornment.

Men Against Rape. A list of links and resources relating to the role men are playing in ending rape and sexual violence.

The American Women's Self Defense Association website provides links to self defense training facilities throughout the country.

The RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) website provides tips on to reduce some of the risk factors associated with rape.

Washington, DC based Men Can Stop Rape

San Diego Family Justice Center

Article: Steps to Promote Women's Safety in Montreal

Stop Rape Measures (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) - Important tips on how to prevent and avoid rape from the Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Control Outreach group in Kenya.


"In about 85 percent of
cases, sexual assaults
occur between people
who know each other."

Source: Diana Russell,
The Prevalence and Incidence of
Forcible Rape and Attempted Rape of Females, Victimology: An International Journal 7, 1-4 (1983).