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Speakers and Anti-Rape Activists

These are activists and presenters that we know to be powerful and experienced. If you know of anyone who has a great presentation on any rape-related issue please email us at resources@rapeis.org with their name and contact information.

Sgt Joanne Archambault, an officer with the San Diego Police Department Sex Crimes Unit, is the founder of SATI (Sexual Abuse Training and Investigations), a consulting firm providing victim centered, multi-disciplinary training and expert consultation regarding crimes of sexual assault. Sgt Archambault is a nationally renowned lecturer. www.mysati.com

Diane Rosenfeld is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (Harvard University). She offers an online course about violence against women and gives a wonderful comprehensive presentation on rape. email: rosenfel@law.harvard.edu

Wendy Murphy is a victims' advocacy lawyer and founder of the Victim Advocacy and Research group, offering legal assistance to crime victims. She is also an adjunct professor at New England School of Law and a frequent television news legal analyst.
e-mail: wmurphylaw@aol.com

Vednita Carter is the cofounder of Breaking Free, an organization that helps prostituted women. She offers a great presentation drawing connections between prostitution and rape and prostitution and slavery.

Vednita Carter, Breaking Free
1821 University Ave. West
Suite 216 South
St. Paul, MN 55104
tel: 651/645.6557

Gillian Caldwell, the first full-time director of WITNESS (a human rights media organization),is a lawyer who specializes in international human rights, civil rights, and family law. At various non-governmental organizations around the world, she has worked directly on a range of rights issues including worldwide migration policies, torture, women´s rights, trafficking in women, and disability discrimination.

353 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
tel: 212/274.1664 ext.201
e-mail: witness@witness.org


"In about 85 percent of
cases, sexual assaults
occur between people
who know each other."

Source: Diana Russell,
The Prevalence and Incidence of
Forcible Rape and Attempted Rape of Females, Victimology: An International Journal 7, 1-4 (1983).