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General Resources
Please also contact state coalitions (listed on our support page) many of which do national activism work

Surviving in Numbers is a powerful Tumblr created to give voice to sexual assaults survivors.

CAVNET is a fabulous anti-violence listserv and database that maintains and continually adds articles and resources to further anti-violence efforts. It has a huge searchable database with listings of organizations, research and essential resources for anyone doing working against violence.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center serves as a central clearinghouse for rape resources, information and support.

Female veteran addiction - A guide for female veterans struggling with addiction

Rape in the Military Article

The Military Rape Crisis Center help survivors who been raped in the military.

Male Survivor Committed to overcoming the sexual victimization of men and boys.

Trans Sexual Violence Survivors A Self-Help Guide to Healing and Understanding

Stop Family Violence is a wonderful activist organization that responds to current critical issues related to violence. They have media projects, projects on immigration, and many other important actions.

The Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute runs training programs, conferences, publishes a newsletterand develops research. It's conferences are excellent

Gift From Within is an online non-profit dedicated to educating those living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), those at risk for PTSD, and those who care for traumatized individuals. It provides articles, arts, music, and isolated e-mail panels.

Audre Lorde Project’s Safe Outside the System Collective

A Guide to PTSD and Drug Addiction

The San Diego Family Justice Center has some great resources/information on strangulation.

Center for Anti-Violence Education


Rape Crisis Providers in NY


Safe Horizon

STEPS to End Family Violence

Streetwork Project

Support New York

Contact the Safer Spaces Working Group


"In about 85 percent of
cases, sexual assaults
occur between people
who know each other."

Source: Diana Russell,
The Prevalence and Incidence of
Forcible Rape and Attempted Rape of Females, Victimology: An International Journal 7, 1-4 (1983).