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Media Issues

Stop Porn Culture! is dedicated to challenging the pornography industry and an increasingly pornographic pop culture; work toward ending industries of sexual exploitation is grounded in a feminist analysis of sexist, racist, and economic oppression.

Escaping Hades tells the stories of over 550 survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and incest.

Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse portraits of rape survivors.

Grrl Activistas is a global, non-profit campaign network working on eliminating mis-representations of rape and sexual abuse in media, governmental and educational institutions. This is done with the aim of stopping hostility, reabuse and more injustice against victims.


"Who's the Victim Here?" an ESPN sportswriter explores the public reaction to the Kobe Bryant rape allegations.

Tom Weir and Erik Brady explore why "In sexual assault cases, athletes usually walk" in USA TODAY.


"In about 85 percent of
cases, sexual assaults
occur between people
who know each other."

Source: Diana Russell,
The Prevalence and Incidence of
Forcible Rape and Attempted Rape of Females, Victimology: An International Journal 7, 1-4 (1983).