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The Angel Coalition is registered in St. Petersburg, with a registered representative office in Moscow, Russia as an international Russian NGO whose mission is " the prevention of sexual trafficking from the former Soviet Union, rescue and repatriation of trafficking victims and assistance to trafficking survivors".


The Angel Coalition is the Russian Federation's first legally registered international association of women's organizations. It is comprised of 43 member non-governmental organizations from 25 regions of Russia, 7 former Soviet Republics and MiraMed Institute, an American NGO, legally registered in Russia and based in Moscow. As a direct response to the trafficking crisis, Angel Coalition members have conducted over 100 regional anti-trafficking conferences throughout Russia, published reports on trafficking in the mass media and academic journals, conducted television and radio interviews in their regions and distributed materials on trafficking to hundreds of schools, institutes and orphanages. Six Angel partners, in cooperation with MiraMed Institute, were responsible for Russia 's most successful public education anti-trafficking campaign, May-August 2001. The campaign, targeted to girls and young women, reached millions of Russians using broad-based community-wide coalitions and innovative grass roots and multi-media strategies. The Angel Coalition is seeking partners either as a coalition or as individual organizations from 25 regions of Russia. Activities of the individual partners range from public information to victim assistance and the development of regional safehouses. All are registered Russian NGO's with strong community connections, extensive training and experience in the trafficking issue and have running programs. None have received more than minimal funding. The Coalition is seeking European partners and assistance to build its capacity and effectiveness as a coalition, association of NGO's and national advocate on the trafficking issue.


HOW TO CONTACT THE ANGEL COALITION: Any qualified EU NGO's seriously seeking Russian partners to expand anti-trafficking activities into the Russian Federation, please contact Dr. Juliette Engel, Director of International Relations for the Angel Coalition jengel@miramed.com or Marianna Solomatova, Director of Development for the Angel Coalition angel@moscom.ru.